Falling Helplessly (Chapter Twenty Six)




( For his brother’s friend …. 😇 )



Written by:- Williams Kendall____✍🏽






Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. OH. NO.


The second those words slipped from my mouth my whole body went into panic mode. My pulse pounded in my throat as I snapped my head up to look at Archer. He was frozen in place, his arms were still wrapped around me but they were slack. His mouth was partially popped open and his eyes were glazed and unfocused.


The adrenaline in my body set off my fight-or-flight mode. I jumped off the bed as fast as I could and accidentally kicked Tyler in the face on my way. He groaned as he rolled over and grabbed his face.


“Oh my gosh!” I rushed out. “Are you okay? I am so sorry!” I stood next to the bed anxiously wringing my hands as Tyler sat up and tenderly massaged under his eye. His actions awoke James as well.


“What’s going on?” James mumbled.


Tyler chuckled lightly as he stood up and bopped me on the shoulder with a loose fist. “I think Charlotte gave me a shiner.”


“I—uhm—uh,” I stumbled as I flicked my eyes between the boys. My gaze finally settled on Archer and my breath caught in my throat. His mouth was set in a firm line as he stared intently back at me. His eyes held some secret message that I couldn’t decipher.


“Sweetheart—” Archer started to stand but I held my hand up to cut him off.


I slowly backed out of the room as I fumbled to pull my phone out of my pocket. “I’m really sorry guys but Mads needs me I need to go.”


“No. I’m uh really sorry I need to go,” I repeated and ran out of the house. I didn’t begin to breathe until I was back on the street and sure that Archer wasn’t following me.


Needing to leave my anxiety back at the football house, I pushed myself into a fast jog. The wind whipped my face as my feet picked up speed. The fuzziness in my brain slowly cleared as I took deep breathes in my nose and out my mouth.


I cannot believe that I told Archer I loved him. I had planned on waiting for when—or if—he ever said it first. Now he would think I was moving way too fast. I mean we’d only officially been dating a little over a month. People didn’t fall in love that fast right?


By the time I got back to my dorm and locked myself away in my room I had several missed calls from Archer and a few texts.


A: Sweetheart please come back.


A: I’m sorry I was surprised.


A: I really want to talk about this.


I sighed as I read his messages. I felt guilty that I had run but I was too over-sensitized now to deal with anything. It was time to hide under my blanket and pretend none of this was real.


C: Can we please just forget that happened? I need a bit.


A: Okay… Talk to you soon?


I left Archer on read and opened my laptop to put on a movie. I needed to distract myself from the skin-crawling embarrassment I felt every time I relived our conversation.


I managed to successfully evade Archer for a little over a week. I kept waiting for the moment I could face him without being uncomfortable but it never came. I blamed homework, Madeline, and a lack of sleep, but we both knew why I didn’t want to see him.


It was Saturday morning and I had just sent off a paper to my professor. My plan was to do laundry for the rest of the day and then Emmett had asked me hangout tonight. I was going to run everything that happened past him to get a guy’s perspective.


A loud bang at the front door made me jump. I got a little jittery as I went to look out the peep-hole, worried that Archer might have gotten fed up with waiting. I released a whoosh of air when I saw who it was.


“Hey Smalls,” Emmett grinned as I swung open the door. He charged forward and grabbed my hand, pulling me into my room. Once inside he sat me on the bed with a mischievous glint in his eye. “So, I’m going to need you to trust me,” he smirked as he pulled out a piece of black cloth from his pocket.


“What do you mean…” I asked as I eyed the fabric suspiciously. Emmett laughed as he ran it between his fingers and walked slowly towards me.


“Just trust me,” he repeated as he lifted the fabric to my face. I blinked slowly as the slippery silk was placed over my eyes. I stiffened my neck when I felt Emmett tight it in a knot behind my head.


“Okay, now we just need some clothes and you’re good to go,” Emmett mused as he left me on my bed.


I shifted awkwardly as I adjusted to not being able to see. “What do I need clothes for? I was going to do laundry today.”


“Great,” Emmett sighed, otherwise ignoring me. “Mads!” He shouted out my door.


“What’s up?” I heard Madeline say from the hallway before her footsteps got louder. “What the hell is going on in here?” Her voice was clear and loud now so I knew she was in my room. I went to go pull the blindfold off my face but Emmett caught my hand.


“Don’t you dare,” he chastised. “Mads I need your help.”


I tried to focus my hearing on the whispers that were exchanged between the two of them but I couldn’t catch much. I huffed and crossed my legs while I tapped anxiously on my knee. Whatever game Emmett was playing at stressed me out.


“Okay, we’re ready!” Emmett announced and I heard him get closer to me. I squeaked when his arms came around me and picked me up bridal style.


“What the heck is happening?” I asked as I wiggled in his arms.


“Smalls, my hands are kind of full here can you chill?” I stopped moving right away in fear of being dropped.


Madeline took pity on me and patted my arm gently. “Seriously Charlotte it’s all good okay?” I nodded, trusting that Mads and Emmett wouldn’t put me into an unsafe situation. I relaxed against Emmett’s chest as he began walking.


Even with my eyes closed I could tell we were walking down the dorm hallway, then into the elevator, then out the front doors. Once I could smell the fresh air around me, it became harder to follow our path in my mind’s eye.


Emmett slowed his pace down and shuffled me around. I tightened my grip on his shirt when I heard a vehicle door open. I was placed on a seat and immediately relaxed when a familiar scent washed over me. This was Archer’s truck.


A whole new wave of questions hit me as I tried to pull off the blindfold. A hand caught mine and stopped me again.


“Just be patient, Smalls,” Emmett said softly, giving me a quick hug and then shutting the door and leaving me alone. At least I thought I was alone. I turned my head towards the driver’s seat as if I would be able to sense someone sitting there. I jumped when I heard the door open and someone climb in.


The scent of cedar and spices became stronger and I knew it was Archer. I had so many questions that I wanted to ask, but now that I knew it was just the two of us I was frozen. The last time we saw each other played out in my brain and I gulped as I tried to stay calm. The truck rumbled to life underneath of me and we started to move.


I lost track of how long we sat in silence, but I used the time to try and think up excuses for why I dropped the L-bomb. I hoped Archer wasn’t very educated on periods, so I could somehow blame that.


“I know you know it’s me, Sweetheart,” Archer sighed. I nodded slowly and lifted my hand to pull off the blindfold and start explaining myself. “Leave it on,” he said quickly. “I think it will make this easier.”


Panic rose like bile in my throat at his words. Oh god, he was going to break up with me. Of course, he was. I said I loved him then ghosted him for a week.


“So, about what happened last week,” Archer began. I locked my hands together on my lap to stop them from shaking. “I was shocked okay? I wasn’t expecting that and I didn’t know what to say. But Charlotte, you can’t run anymore. I have waited all week for you to come back before I finally realized that you’d never stop running if I let you. I know you get stressed out but I need you to trust me. I need you to trust that I’m not going to ridicule you. If you need space then fine—ask for it. But if this is going to work between us then you can’t run away from our problems.”


Tears sprung to my eyes as I listened to the tightness in Archer’s voice. I had hurt him. I had run away. Why couldn’t I be more mature at the moment and face my problems head-on?


“I’m sorry,” I whispered into the silence. A warm hand dropped onto mine and slowly rubbed circles over my knuckles. Some of the tension began to release as the callouses on Archer’s palm rhythmically scratched my hand.


“I’m sorry too. I want to talk about this more once we get to our destination but I am sorry for freezing up. I’m also sorry for kidnapping you but I didn’t think you’d come with me.”


I smiled as I turned towards him. Even without seeing, I felt that he was smiling back. “So, where are we going?” I asked.


“You’ll see soon enough.” I could hear the smile in Archer’s voice and I relaxed into my seat. We stayed quiet for the rest of the drive as I mulled over my thoughts. We hadn’t discussed what I actually said to him, and he hadn’t said it back. Maybe he just wanted to move past it for now? Maybe it was okay for things not to happen like they do in movies. Maybe he didn’t love me yet, but he might soon?


I was stirred from my thoughts as I felt the truck roll to a stop and then shudder off. I waited while Archer muttered under his breath and rustled around the back seat. Finally, he opened my door and stroked his finger down my cheek. His hand gently brushed the blindfold then tugged it off my face.


I blinked rapidly when the sun hit my eyes. I was momentarily blinded as my pupils dilated and blurry spots clouded my vision. Each time my lids passed over my vision, it became a little easier to see. Archer was standing in front of me smiling down at me. The light that shone through his hair made him look like an angel from above.


He dropped the bags he was holding and pulled me into a tight hug. I squeezed my arms around his stomach and pressed my face into his chest. I tried to pour a silent apology into the hug as he dropped his head down to nuzzle my hair. I let out a whimper when he tried to pull away.


“Come on Sweetheart, I have a lot planned.” Archer gestured for me to look around. We were in the middle of a huge clearing of trees. Off to one side was a large stack of logs piled high up into the air and covered by a wooden roof. In front of the truck was a quaint little cabin. It looked like something from Little House On The Prairie with its log walls and A-framed roof.


Archer pulled me forward and led me to the front door. He dug a key out of his pocket and after a moment of fumbling the door sprung open.


“This is James’ family cabin,” he said as he stepped inside and flicked on a light. “They use it for hunting.”


The cabin was much nicer than I was expecting from the outside. Warm yellow lights illuminated the large room as I looked around. There was a large stone fireplace that was surrounded by furniture hidden under white sheets. A kitchen was tucked into the corner with mahogany cupboards and older appliances. There was only one door leading off the main room and Archer nudged me towards it.


“Why don’t you relax while I set up the cabin? I have to get the fire going and find the water switch.”


“So we’re staying here?” I asked as I took the two bags that Archer had in his hand.


“Is that okay? I missed you and wanted some time alone. But we can drive back tonight if you want?” He offered unsurely.


Warmth spread through my chest at the thought of spending time alone with Archer. It was still embarrassing to have my unrequited declaration floating between us, but Archer was right. I needed to trust him enough not to run in fear of ridicule. I also wanted to make up for my week long absence. “I want to stay,” I said softly.


Archer kissed my forehead and patted my bum as I moved forward. I took our bags into the adjoining bedroom and dropped them onto the large bed in the middle of the room. The mattress was stripped so I went to a side door in search of linens. It opened to a small bathroom covered in stone. There was no shower, only an old-fashioned tub next to the toilet and sink. A few shelves hung on the wall with towels and sheets folded neatly on top.


Once I had the bed made I dug through my bag for a change of clothes. I’m gonna freakin’ kill Emmett. He had packed me jeans that were a size too small and three random sweaters that I never wore because they were too scratchy. I blushed when I saw the bras and panties at the bottom and prayed that Madeline had added those.


I grabbed a bra and panties set then went to Archer’s bag and stole one of his tee shirts before going back to the bathroom. I turned the tap on the tub to see if Archer had gotten the water going yet. Ice cold water burst from the tap and began to flood the tub. I kept the drain open for a few minutes until the water began to heat up.


Once the tub was filled I put my hair into a bun and stripped my old clothes off. I sighed as the hot water licked around my skin and relaxed my muscles. The distant sound of chopping made me close my eyes and imagine how hot Archer probably looked with an axe cutting wood. If I hadn’t been so content in the steamy water I probably would have gone to sneak a peak.


The chopping stopped eventually and I heard the front door click open and closed a few times. The water turned cold so I pulled myself off and patted my skin dry. I slipped on the only clothes I felt comfortable in and let my hair down.


When I entered the living room I saw that Archer had removed the sheet’s from the furniture. There was a long burgundy leather couch in front of the fireplace and two oversized plush chairs on either end.


I crept closer and nibbled on my lip as I watched Archer crouch in front of the fire. His back muscles rippled under his shirt as he grabbed logs and placed them precariously into the growing flames. The light of the fire made his tanned arms glow brightly.


He stood up and turned towards me once the fire was large and crackling. We stared at each other in silence for a moment then his eyes dropped down my body. I ran my cold toe up and down my calf when his gaze lingered there.


“I have something to say.” Archer’s voice was thick and gravelly as he peeled his eyes away from my legs and nodded for me to sit down. I sank into the soft leather of the couch and tucked my feet underneath of me. Archer walked over and crouched on one knee in front of me, covering my hands with his.


“When you told me that you loved me,”-he squeezed my hands when I shifted awkwardly-“Just listen. I froze. Not because I was scared but because I didn’t believe that there was any way you could actually love me. I know it sounds dumb but I wasn’t even thinking there was a possibility that you would say that to me. I think the only person who has ever said it to me before is my mom.”


It was my turn to squeeze his hands as he looked down briefly and blinked away tears. My heart broke for the life Archer had lived. No one deserved the unhealthy environment his dad had created.


“It took me a moment to process what you said, and then before I could do anything the guys woke up and you took off.” Archer gave me a pointed look and I nodded guiltily.


“So…” I whispered weakly. “What were you going to say? If I hadn’t run?”


Archer’s soft smile sent tingles rushing down my spine. “When you first came to USC, it took me a long time to figure out what the hell you’d done to me. It was like you’d just waltzed into my life and flipped everything upside down. You were all I could focus on and all that I wanted. I could have survived without oxygen before I survived without talking to you. I tried to fulfill these needs inside of me with our friendship, but I knew it wasn’t enough.”


Tears blurred my vision as I gulped back the sobs in my throat. Waves of love and adoration hit me over and over again sending me into emotional summersaults. Archer gently wiped his thumb under my eyes trying to catch the tears that fell.


“I’ve spent so long trying to figure out what the hell it was I felt towards you, but everything clicked when you ran out of my house. I love you Charlotte, and I’m pretty sure I’ve loved you for a fucking while now.”


Laughter burst from my lips as I wrapped my hands behind Archer’s neck and pulled him towards me. I connected our lips in a passionate kiss as I let the euphoria of his declaration fill my heart.


“I love you too,” I sighed as we pressed our foreheads together.


Archer caught my lips again and I moaned as his tongue swiped along my bottom lip. He stretched up on his knees and pulled me to the edge of the couch so our bodies were pressed together. The teeshirt I was wearing rode up around my thighs and exposed my core as it pressed to his stomach.


He flexed his hips forward as he groaned and grabbed my exposed thigh. His fingers trailed up my soft skin and caressed the curve of my bum. I shivered as he nibbled at my lip and toyed with the edge of my panties.


“I want—” I breathed, unable to say exactly what I needed.


Archer moved his lips to my neck and sucked gently. “I think I know what you want,” he said softly. My stomach tightened as his breath hit my wet skin and his fingers moved towards my core.


“No.” I put my hand out on his chest. He stopped immediately and pulled back to look at my face. I gathered all my strength to look him directly in the eye. “Tell me what you like,” I whispered. “I want to make you feel good too.”


Archer gulped and his breathing became ragged. “Are you sure?” He asked stiffly.




He briefly closed his eyes as though he was debating with himself before he stood up from the ground and sat next to me on the couch. He shifted his hips forward so that his pelvis raised slightly to the ceiling, putting his tight jeans on display. He flicked his eyes back to me unsurely but I licked my lips and smiled coyly at him.


“Unzip my pants.” The dominance that immediately rang out in Archer’s tone made me shiver with anticipation. I followed his orders and pulled the cold metal zipper down. He lifted his hips in silent invitation and I slowly pulled his jeans down.


My heart pounded in my chest as his jeans fell to the floor. I could see the outline of his erection raised in his boxers. I clenched my thighs together to relieve the pressure that was building inside of me.

Archer reached out and grabbed my thigh, running his hands softly back and forth. I looked away from his boxers to see him staring lovingly back at me. The gentle glint in his eyes relaxed me. I kept our gazes locked as I reached forward and tentatively stroked him through the fabric.


His head dropped back against the couch and his eyes fluttered closed. I became emboldened as I tugged his boxers down. My breath quickened when I saw the full scope of Archer’s manhood spring free. I wrapped my hand gently around him and felt the soft skin of his shaft under my fingers.


The tension between my legs intensified when I felt him throb in my hand. Archer was breathing heavily as I explored him. He seemed to be trying to let me become accustomed to this new experience.


After a moment, Archer fluttered his eyes open and stared at me with dark eyes. He wrapped his large hand around my smaller one that was still holding him. He slowly started moving my hand up and down and I almost moaned when I watched a shudder run through him.


I stood up from my spot next to him on the couch and moved between his legs. His dark eyes followed me as I dropped to my knees in front of him. Curiosity had me wanting to get closer to him, and the heat rushing through my veins was fueling my bravery.



Archer sucked in air as I leant forward and flicked my tongue under the head of his erection. I repeated the motion, moving my tongue slowly down his shaft as I watched him scrunch his eyes tightly shut. When I brought my tongue back up to the top I took a deep breath and wrapped my lips around him.


“Fuck, Charlotte.” Archer moaned as I breathed through my nose and relaxed my jaw around his size. I experimented with moving my head down, but I couldn’t go very far before his erection hit the back of my throat. It made my stomach clench for a moment but the breathy whispers that were slurring out of Archer’s mouth told me he liked that. I did it again, this time prepared for the small jolt it sent to my gag reflex.


It wasn’t bad once I got used to the feeling of my mouth being full and the slightly salty taste. I slid my wet lips up and down Archer’s erection, each time stopping as he hit my throat. Occasionally a small choking sound would erupt from the back of my throat but that only made Archer groan louder.


“Fuck, Charlotte.” Archer moaned as I breathed through my nose and relaxed my jaw around his size. I experimented with moving my head down, but I couldn’t go very far before his erection hit the back of my throat. It made my stomach clench for a moment but the breathy whispers that were slurring out of Archer’s mouth told me he liked that. I did it again, this time prepared for the small jolt it sent to my gag reflex.


It wasn’t bad once I got used to the feeling of my mouth being full and the slightly salty taste. I slid my wet lips up and down Archer’s erection, each time stopping as he hit my throat. Occasionally a small choking sound would erupt from the back of my throat but that only made Archer groan louder.


“Fuck baby, you’re so good. You’re so so good,” Archer mumbled as he gently brushed his hand through my hair. I pulled my mouth back so only the tip of his erection was in my mouth and I looked up at his. His eyes were almost black as he stared down at me, watching me. He stretched his neck as though he needed to release tension and I moaned at the thick veins that popped from his neck.


The sound slipped from my throat and vibrated around Archer’s manhood. His eyes snapped shut as his whole body tensed. “Fuck baby, I want you so badly,” he seethed between his teeth.


We both froze as we realized at the same time what he had just said.


We both froze as we realized at the same time what he had just said. While Archer opened his eyes nervously I was immediately flooded with hunger. I popped my lips off of his erection and stared up at him with wide eyes.


“I want you too, Archer,” I said shyly as I rubbed my hand up his thigh.


“Charlotte I didn’t mean to say that,” he said quickly. “We don’t have to yet.”


I stood up and took a moment to wipe the slobber from the edges of my lips. Taking a deep breath I moved forward and settled on his lap with my thighs encasing his. “I’m ready. I love you and I’m ready,” I said firmly as I leant into him. His erection was trapped between us and we both closed our eyes for a moment when my panties brushed against him. I knew he could feel how wet they were.


“I love you too,” Archer smiled when he opened his eyes. “I just want you to be sure.” His large hand held my cheek as I tried to convey my honesty in my eyes. It must have worked because he pulled my face forward and connected our lips. I tried to deepen the kiss but he kept the pace slow and sensual as he moved against my mouth.


I felt his hand go to my lower back before he flipped us so that I was pressed into the soft leather. Archer kicked his legs to get the boxers off of him and then reached up and tugged off his shirt. Heat prickled my skin as I stared up at his God-like form.


He licked his lips and ran his hands down my body to the edge of my shirt and looked at me questioningly. I sat up slightly and allowed him to pull it off. I became shy as Archer’s eyes flitted over my body, taking me in. I moved my hands to cover my stomach as my chest flushed.


“Don’t,” Archer whispered as he caught my hand. “You are so beautiful.”


I let the truth in his eyes comfort me as I relaxed under him. He dropped his body close to mine and I relished in the heat of our skin touching. He trailed wet kisses along my collar bone before dipping down to the edge of my bra. His tongue licked the tender skin that peaked out from behind the lace making me arc my spine. Archer groaned as my breasts were pushed farther into his face.


He reached around my back and pinched the hooks of my bra, releasing the straps to fall by my ribs. His hands slowly skated up my arms and pushed the fabric aside. “So beautiful,” he mumbled against my skin as his mouth left kisses over the exposed skin. The cold air tightened my exposed nipples into little buds.


A moan slipped from my throat as his lips sucked one gently into his warm mouth. My pelvis flexed upwards by instinct eliciting a strangled sound from Archer as I pushed into his erection. He trailed his kisses around the curves of my breast, licking and tasting my flesh. Then he shuffled his body downward, dragging his lips along my stomach.


My breath quickened when I realized what was happening. He looked up at me and scraped his teeth to the edge of my panties, hooking the lace and pulling them down.


I felt hot and exposed as I watched his face drop between my legs. My first instinct was to snap my thighs shut but I accidentally caught Archer’s face. I giggled at his squished cheeks as he grimaced up at me.


“Relax,” he cooed as he pulled my legs apart.


I dropped my head back and tried to listen to him as I felt his breath on my exposed core. I squirmed in anticipation and his hands went to my thighs to keep me still. I jolted forward when I felt his wet tongue flick over my clit. Electricity pounded through my veins as my whole body tensed with pleasure.


I was a moaning mess as Archer’s mouth tortured me. He ran his tongue in long strokes between my slit, brushing past my pleasure point then slipping back down. I sucked in air when I felt his finger at my entrance, swirling in my wetness.


Archer could sense my nervousness and paid more attention to my clit. Sucking and stroking until I could feel the coil in my stomach tightening. I stiffened when I felt his finger enter me slowly but swiftly. My body relaxed when he didn’t move right away, instead, he kneaded against my walls, flexing his finger upward.


A whole new feeling of ecstasy washed over me. His internal massage coupled with his warm tongue on my clit sent my body over the edge as an orgasm ripped through me. Just like last time I lost all sense of time and space as my hips flexed against his hand and face.


Once I came back to reality I looked down to see him pressing his forehead against my thigh with his eyes closed. He looked up when he felt me staring and smiled. “I love you.”


“I love you too,” I laughed. My orgasm made me feel floaty and high.


I tugged Archer to come back up to me and sighed when he climbed up so his chest hovered over my face. He kept his hips pulled back to avoid contact as he stared down at me. “Are you sure? We can still stop,” he affirmed.


I squirmed underneath of him and wrapped my hands around his hips, trying to pull him down. “I’m sure Archer,” I said impatiently. Every nerve in my body craved a closeness with him that I hadn’t experienced yet.


I whined when the heat of his body was ripped away from me and the cool air of the cabin nipped my skin. Archer stood up and rushed into the bedroom before returning with a little foil package. I was entranced as I watched him rip open the foil and sheath himself with the condom.


I gulped as he stood before me in all of his male glory. I tried not to dwell on the mechanics of how he was supposed to fit into me. I knew this might not feel great but I also knew I trusted Archer. I loved him and I trusted him.


Archer dropped back onto the couch and caged my head with both of his arms as he ground his hips into mine. I moaned as I felt his erection press against my core. He reached one hand down and grasped himself, guiding his manhood to my entrance.


An intense pressure flooded my pelvis as he pushed himself slowly into me. It didn’t hurt at first it just felt overwhelming and foreign as it stole my breath. Archer dropped kisses all over my face as he continued to invade my most delicate area.


Tears sprung to my eyes as a pain shot through my lower stomach. I hissed in a breath and Archer stopped.


“Are you okay?” He asked quietly. His hand caressed my cheek as he let me adjust to the feeling of him inside of me. I nodded rapidly, unsure if I could speak or not. He continued to whisper sweet words in my ear as I took deep breaths and tried to relax my muscles.


I gasped when I felt Archer’s thumb sneak between us and rub my clit. I squirmed as the familiar pleasure mixed with the pain of his intrusion confused my senses.


Archer slowly moved his hips, pulling almost completely out of me before pushing back in. The waves of pleasure that came from his hand made everything hurt less and I was able to relax. The slight burn of broken skin was overshadowed by the building pleasure in my core.


“God you feel so good baby,” Archer breathed as his lips found mine. I shivered at how deep his voice was. His body moved over mine with an expert rhythm as he slowly allowed himself to move faster. I clasped my hands onto his shoulders and dug my nails in as breathy whimpers were pushed out of my lungs.


“Lift your hips,” Archer growled.


I was becoming lost in the crashes of emotion and pleasure around me as his thumb continued to swirl at my clit. I tried to focus my foggy brain on his words and flexed my hips up, holding my weight with my legs.


This new angle cause Archer’s erection to hit a different place within me. Every smooth stroke he took pushed me closer and closer to exploding.


Just when I thought my body couldn’t take any more Archer pressed his thumb down harder on my core and mashed his hips into mine.


Light exploded behind my lids as every nerve on my body sung with pleasure. Archer and I’s euphoric moans twisted together in the air around us as our bodies convulsed as one. I could feel the walls of my core clenching around Archer as his thrusts became sloppy, pulling his orgasm from him as mine winded down.


Archer slumped forward, dropping his weight to my chest as we held each other. I wrapped my arms tightly around his head, wanting him to stay as close to me as possible. Our skin was sticky from exertion but I didn’t care. His heart pounded heavily into my stomach, and I’m sure mine was blaring in his ear.


A breathy giggle burst from my lips as the magnitude of what we just did hit me. Archer lifted his head and smiled down at me then pressed his lips to mine. “Are you okay?” He asked quickly as he flicked his eyes over my face.


“Better than okay,” I said breathily. Archer immediately pulled his weight off of me when he heard how breathless I was. My lungs gratefully sucked in air but I whimpered at the loss of contact.


He sat up on the couch and pulled me into his lap. I cringed when the movement felt like something twisted in my pelvis. Archer put his warm hand on the curve of my stomach and gently massaged as he held me close, kissing my hair.


I squeaked in surprise when he lifted me up and strode towards the bedroom. He went straight to the bathroom and I felt him reach under me and toss something into the garbage. He set me on my feet gently as he walked to the tub and started playing with the tap.


I turned towards the mirror and studied myself. My bare skin was flushed red and glistening with sweat. Frizzy tendrils of curls flew off my head in every direction. I might have been a little loopy, but I felt like something looked different in my eyes. Something was missing, or something new had appeared. I couldn’t put my finger on it but my brown orbs reflected the change I felt in my heart.


The man that had made that change stepped up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He dropped his chin on my head and smiled at me in the mirror. He picked up the scrunchy I had left on the counter and clumsily pulled my hair into a knot on top of my head.


“Come on,” he said softly as he gestured towards the tub. I sunk into the hot water and hissed as it hit my sensitive core. Archer stepped into the water behind me and wrapped himself around my back. I relaxed against his chest as I let his hands and the water massage my sore muscles.


Even with the lingering pain, I couldn’t keep a smile off my face. Every time I peeked back at Archer, he had this goofy grin I’d never seen before and it made me so happy to see him like that. It felt like we had entered into a whole new level of intimacy.


I mean… obviously, we had. But besides the physical stuff, everything else had shifted too. It felt like I had opened a door into my heart and allowed Archer to walk right in and look around. In the same way that his eyes held an openness, they hadn’t before. Every tiny emotion he felt was clearly evident on his face, nothing was hidden.


I’d never in my life felt more exposed, more raw—and I loved it.


I loved him.


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  1. I have not loved a story the way I love this story.
    I lack words to describe how I feel after reading from the beginning of the story to now.

    This story is everything for me.
    I am so in love with this story.

    Notwithstanding,I am so happy for Archer and lotty,pray they don’t get hurt.

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