Ms Banks – We Go Up Lyrics


thе shooter
I ain’t gotta do it
Yeah, they gon’ turn on my music, I’m hot likе the [?] summer
Bitches love to force the issue where it ain’t a problem
Hoe, it’s giving crash dummy
Be real in this bitch, I’m in a fued in this bitch
They know that I’m killin’ this shit
And I’m feelin’ this shit, I made a mill’ off this bitch
And I’m runnin’, I’m drillin’ this bitch
And I blow like Aretha
No, this is not ‘bout a feature
Your shit ain’t fine, you can keep her
I like to tease her
My jewelry sleep in the freezer
He love when I pull up and please him
Bankhead is not for Balenciaga
Talk about it, I’m a trending topic
If I get up in it, I’m gonna get up out it
Fendi jacket with the Fendi collar
I just wanna get the pussy, ay
But I’ma get a drink and I’ma tell it later

Of course sometimes shit goes down when it’s a billion dollars on the elevator

[Verse 2]
Nicki don’ threw me a challenge, I got nothin’ but respect for it
Waitin’ on me, they was [?] for it
Shit, i shoulda wore a dress for it
Poppin’ out with that mink on and I’m pullin’ out in that yess lord
Now they don’t like me, they ain’t even like me
Skatin’ on bitches, I might as well get me a jetski
Let’s see, no I ain’t Nicki but I need to rock shit
This [?] don’t impress me
I ain’t stopped shit, hoe, I’m still goin’
Bitches gagged and I’m still knowin’
Givin’ body, it’s still foreign
I’m readin’ ya’ll, but it’s still borin’
Ion give a fuck what a hoe said, fuck about what a hoe seen
Everybody wanna talk, you know they love to talk when it’s about the flow queen


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