How to Become a Successful Musician

How to Become a Successful Musician

Success in music is not built in a day and even the most talented musician like Wizkid followed certain steps,

experience and grow over time in the music industry.

As an upcoming musician it is usually difficult to break out into the mainstream media and streams, this

due to the complex and changing market which is the music industry.

To become a successful musician you must be up to speed on industry tastes, trends and new sounds.

This informative article will detail some essential steps you can follow on the journey to becoming a

successful musician.

1. Create a Unique style

You can grow an audience and brand by creating a unique style, however, this takes time. Only with real

practice will you get better and faster results.

So in the beginning just do it relentlessly and passionately and probably you’ll succeed sooner or later.

Think of music as long-term and don’t be in a hurry, music is a complex art and evolves.

If you are consistent and stay vibrant in the industry you are bound to be noticed and over the years will

build lots of diehard fans of your music.

2. Be Optimistic at the Start

The acceptance barrier to entering the music industry is set incredibly high that’s the truth. Without sugar

coating it. It is very difficult to become a star.

Always being positive no matter your ups and downs will be a big factor and positive in your career.

Majority of the top artists we see today started small and are always grateful for the opportunity to

become world-class stars and perform on the biggest stages in the world.

Being optimistic will be a great tool when starting as you might not get that wave of attention the

big stars in the industry get.

The road to success in the music industry is never straight to the top story.

Today there is hardly any mainstream artist that does not have a story to tell so always be conscious

that the beginning is a building process and never give up hope of international recognition in your craft.

3. Learn How to Produce your Music

Gone are the days when you needed a large recording studio or label before you could produce quality

music. Music production equipment has now become accessible and affordable.

The artists who produce their music have more are much more likely to succeed. Learning to produce

your music helps you master your craft and makes you take your sound seriously.

If you are seriously passionate about music then you must take an active part in how you want your

music to be produced and your unique sound, this will be a great experience for you.

4. Associate With The Major Players In The Industry

To be successful in the music industry you need to be close to the industry big boys (eg: Davido, in Nigerian Music Industry) to stay visible and up

to date.

This is very important in your dream to be a successful musician, you cannot achieve mainstream

audience and acceptance on your own, you still need the major players to accept you and talk about

your sound.

They will greatly help spread the word about you and by associating with them you might even gain valuable


The music industry thrives on networking and meeting new people, yes studio time is important but

then you need people to listen to your music and appreciate your talent.

Building a career in the music industry and becoming successful requires an actual effort to form and

maintain mutually beneficial relationships.

Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have made networking with big artists easier

than ever. If you aren’t using these or other platforms yet, create your profile and start connecting.

5. Have another job

As we have mentioned earlier when you’re starting your music career. The beginning is not so easy.

Having a job to fall back on will greatly fasten your chances of becoming successful.

Getting a job outside of music will enable you to pay for studio time, record songs, get music types of equipment

and push your music.

It is better to have an alternate source of income to compensate for when you are starting in the

music industry.

Never relent in your music and be constantly creating music, if you put in a lot of work you will definitely

be successful.

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