Lord Lamba : Biography , Age , State Of Origin & Net Worth

Lord Lamba : Biography , Age , State Of Origin & Net Worth

Promise Kelvin Anagbogu, famous and known better as Lord Lamba, is a Nigerian internet and social media
comedian, movie actor, media personality, entertainer, social media influencer.


Kelvin, who many know as Lord Lamba, otherwise named “Lord of Lies” by his close friends started his career in the entertainment industry as a comedian by posting comedy videos of himself on the internet, especially on Facebook.


Starting as an unknown comedian, just like an average Nigerian comedian, Lamba’s comedy videos are mainly focused on exposing the lies friends tell friends. Lies boyfriends tell their girlfriends vise versa.


In this piece of writing, however, I will share with you Promise Kelvin Anagbogu’s biography, his early childhood, the year he started his career, rise to the limelight, his real name, age, his house, and Instagram.


More so, information regarding his girlfriend, car, net worth in naira 2021, and more or less, other jolly good stuff you probably didn’t know about him will be disclosed to you in this piece. So, keep reading to get stay informed.


Lord Lamba Biography, Early Childhood

One of Nigeria’s most popular and talented joke artists, social media comedians, and brand influencer, Promise Kelvin Anagbogu was born in Amuwo Odofin, Lagos State.


Lagos State is a state in the South-Western part of Nigeria. Born in Lagos, Lamba is originally a native of Anambra State, a state in the South East of Nigeria.


He was born to the beautiful of Mr. and Mrs. Anagbogu. Whereupon, Lamba is an Igbo by tribe/ethnicity, he is an Anambrian by state. Side by side, he is a Southerner by region, a Nigerian by nationality, and a Christian by religion.


Lord Lamba Comedy

Starting a career in the entertainment industry, especially in this age and time, is not as hard as it used to be when there were no social media. However, getting people to support your craft unconditionally is a bigger deal when you have got a little to offer.


For Lamba, it was too different a case since he had and has the talent and charisma. He came to the limelight and had since continued to explore different angles of the industry so much so that more people related to his craft.


Since he started, he has been able to produce a couple of videos. More importantly, he has had his famous colleagues feature him in their skirts.


What’s the Real Name of Lord Lamba?

Lamba’s real and birth name is Promise Kelvin Anagbogu. He got his stage name, otherwise known as a professional name, from his friend’s suggestions.


His close friends, who are also supportive of his craft, advised him to adopt “Lord Lamba” as a stage name after he was able to successfully lie and not get caught in his first few videos.


Funnily, his stage name translates to “Lord of Lies,” which makes it even more interesting and innovative to imagine that a person can tell so many lies without being caught.


Lord Lamba is From Which State?

Popularly known as Lord Lamba, or Lord of Lies by quite a few close friends Promise Kelvin Anagbogu is from Anambra Statein the South-Eastern part of Nigeria.


As you may have imagined noticed in the first few paragraphs, I did mention that he was born in Lagos.



Talented and focused on earning an honest living, Lord Lamba is currently 26 years old. He was born on the 4th of May 1995 and so should celebrate his next birthday in four months to come – 4th May 2022.



With over one million numbers of followers on Instagram, over two million on Facebook, over one million on TikTok, Lord Lamba can boast of being one of the most followed social media skirt makers. Side by side, he has quite a huge number of followers on Twitter.


Lordlamba is his username across his social media pages, and yes, you may want to follow him to stay connected with him on a personal level.


Is He a Graduate?

Yes please, Promise Kelvin Anagbogu is a graduate. He studied Creative Arts and so so should hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Arts.


Twin Brother

You may have seen a guy who has Lord Lamba’s body physique, and in fact, more like his identical twin in a couple of his videos.


That was created by Lamba to fill in the gap of a second creator in his videos, just as Taaooma would have multiple identical versions of herself in her videos. One as Iya Tao, another, Kunle Toa, and many other characters.


Is Lord Lamba a Yahoo Boy ?

Oh, no! A famous internet and social media comedian, movie actor, media personality, entertainer, social media influencer should have nothing to do with fraud.


I mean, what’s the need of Lamba defrauding people, when in fact, he has got a career that sponsors his lifestyle? No need, yeah? Yes, yes! Kelvin earns an honest living, and we at Talktalktoday.com.ng love that he has come this far.


Net Worth

Most sought-after joke artist and social media comedian, Lord Lamba’s net worth is estimated to be between $50,000 thousand and $100,000 thousand.


As you may have imagined, he earns his net worth from his multiple careers in the entertainment industry as a joke artist, social media influencer, comedian, and event host.


What else would you rather want to know about Promise Kelvin Anagbogu? Tell me about it with a comment section.

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