Portable : Biography , Net Worth , Real Name & Latest Song

Portable : Biography , Net Worth , Real Name & Latest Song

Habeeb Okikiola, professionally and popularly known as Portable Omolalomi, is a Nigerian fast-rising rapper, singer, songwriter, entertainer, and media personality.

From being yet another talented infamous Nigerian rapper to rising to fame after releasing his new single titled Zazu Zeh, Portable Omolalomi is a big name in the industry, as at the time of this publication.


In this piece of writing, I will share with you Habeeb Okikiola’s biography, early childhood, early life, educational background, and early career. More so, information about his current relationship status—whether or not he is married—children, and net worth will be shared.


Portable Omolalomi Biography, Early Life

One of the Nigerian fast-rising rappers, singer, songwriters, entertainer, and media personality, Portable Omolalomi was born on the 12th of March 1994 in his place of birth Abeokuta.


Born and grew up in Ogun State —a state in the South-Western part of Nigeria — alongside his other siblings, Portable is a native of Abeokuta, Ogun State.


Raised by Mr. and Mrs. Okikiola (who practices the Muslim religion) in Abeokuta, Habeeb Okikiola is a Muslim by religion. A Nigerian by religion, Habeeb is a Yoruba by ethnicity/tribe, a Southerner by region, and a Muslim by religion.



Having his elementary and secondary school education in Ogun State, it is obvious that Portable has First School Leaving Certificate and West African Senior School Certificate certifications in the bag.


Although whether or not the Yoruba-born rapper attended the university is unknown to us, we reckon that that information will be provided as soon as it is made publicly available. Moreover, we gathered that he had Vocational Education at a Training Institute in Abeokuta, Ogun State.



Oh, and well, growing up for Habeeb Okikiola was not all rosy. But, notwithstanding the challenges he had faced while growing up, Portable is here today, famous and securing the bag on the low.


Habeeb Okikiola Early Career

Known for his hit single released in 2021 titled Zazu Zeh, Portable Omolalomi has been in the Nigerian music industry for as long as years — up to a decade now.


Discovered by the famous Nigerian musician and songwriter Olamide, Portable started his career in the Nigerian music industry about ten years ago.


Zazu Zeh,” featuring Olamide and Poco Lee became his debut single. Introduced to Olamide by Poco Lee, Portable is also known as the son of Shaku Shakur, Zazu Zeh, Street Problem, and Wahala Musician by most of his fans.


Whereas Poco Lee is a Nigerian dancer and singer, Olamide also known as Baddo is a popular Nigerian music producer, musician, and YBNL boss — YBNL is a popular Nigerian record label.


What’s more, he developed an interest in rap music while he was still in primary school. Then, his father Mr. Okikiola would play songs by popular American musicians/rappers like Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, The Notorious B.I.G, Tupac Shakur, and the likes.


Because of the influence, these artists had on him, and because he loved how they sang/rapped, Portable would write and sing rap music whenever he felt inspired, whenever he felt like it.


Portable Omolalomi on Instagram

Okikiola is known as @portablebaeby on Instagram. As you may have imagined, he has huge followers on Instagram and as it were, grew from having less than ten thousand followers to having over 691k

followers, and counting.


Is He Married?

Nigeria’s fast-rising rapper, singer, songwriter, entertainer, and media personality, Portable Omolalomi is not married, at least at the time of this publication. However, at present, he is not married but he has two children. Speaking in one of his recent interviews, the Zazu Zeh crooner did reveal that he has two children from two different women.



At the time of this publication, Portable Omolalomi is yet to reveal the full identity of his girlfriend. Although we now know he has two children, complete information about his girlfriend is unknown to the public. Otherwise, our team of writers gathered that Opeyemi is the name of his girlfriend.



After subtly insulting Poco Lee for hoarding some part of the monies he was spread in one of his performances, Portable apologized to him. Besides, he also offended Kogobagi and so he apologized to the two entertainers in a video released in December 2021.


Portable Latest Songs 

Before he rose to the limelight, Habeeb Okikiola has been releasing songs. These are some of his recent songs and songs from years ago:

Zazuu Zeh (feat. Olamide & Poco Lee)

Broda Aremu

Bata Wahala

Crazy Masquerade

99 Spirit

Ologo (Forever)

Ayomi (feat. Mr. Gbafun)


Ganger Farmer

La Powder


Street OT (Vol. 1)


Portable Omolalomi Net Worth

Having been in the entertainment industry for up to a decade, the Zazu Zeh crooner Habeeb Okikiola’s net worth is estimated to be between $5,000 thousand and $20,000 thousand. He is still growing in the industry and so his net worth is more likely going to skyrocket in the coming year.


How Old Is Portable? Age

Omolalomi was born on the 12th of March 1994 and celebrated his 27th birthday last year — March 2021. Besides, started his career at the young age of seventeen.


Where does Portable Omolalomi Live?

Before his rise to the limelight, Portable lived in the Mainland part of Lagos, however, he lives in Island, Lekki part of Lagos at present. Although he does not live with his parents and family, Habeeb Okikiola visits them quite often to see how they are doing.


How Tall is Portable

Oh, and well, Portable’s exact height is unknown to the public, however, he has a good height. A height you may want to consider above average, so yeah, Portable Omolalomi stands a good inch above the ground.


Back to you, what else would you rather want to know about Habeeb Okikiola? Anything else? Tell me about it in the comments section. And please, while you are here, you may want to visit our website homepage to read more biographies of your favorite celebrities and media personalities

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