Asake – Mr Money With The Vibe (Album/Tracklist)

Asake – Mr Money With The Vibe Album

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Tracklist of the ‘MMWTV’ (Mr. Money With The Vibe) Album

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In other news, YBNL Nation signee, Ahmed Asake Ololade, now known by his stage name Asake, has released the track list for his set-to-be released debut album titled, ‘MMWTV’ (Mr. Money With The Vibe).

Furthermore, this much anticipated extended playlist comprises of 12 solid songs “Mr. Money With The Vibe EP” features guest performances from accomplished American rapper and vocalist Russ and budding Nigerian superstar Burna Boy.

Asake is one of the contemporary Nigerian artists you will go wrong to argue that he is “mid.” Of course, a few people don’t feel his type of music, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean he is mid or anything of the sort.


Yeah, he might not also be all that to you; by your standards. But, in the Nigerian music industry? Nah, he has stamped his name in the book of history, even as he continues to make his name clearer on that book.


And talking about standards, Asake never jokes when he decided to title this album “Mr. Money With The Vibe.” You know, “Vibe” and “Vibes.” Without further unnecessary talks (whoops whoops), I will take you through the track list, the slated release date of the album, and a few other things you need to know about the album. Let’s get into it!


When is the Release Date of Mr. Money With The Vibe?

Asake announced the release date of the most anticipated album of the year to be September 8th, 2022. Looking at the album cover which also contains the track list, it contains twelve songs in it.


Amongst the 12 songs, three hit songs have beehaveeleased off of the Album, ‘MMWTV’(Mr. Money With The Vibe), including the latest national jam “Terminator.” Then again, “Sungba Remix” featuring the self-acclaimed African Giant, Burna Boy, and “Peace Be Unto You.”


Speaking of national jams, Asake also announced the dates for his United States of America tour. According to the statement he posted on his Twitter account, his tour is scheduled to start on the 22nd of September 2022 up until the 9th of October 2022.


By far, the three songs released off the ‘MMWTV’ (Mr. Money With The Vibe) are hit songs of the year. Even if the charts and streams lie(by whatever standards), the voice, the energy, and the bars and rhythm won’t. Oh, and let’s take a look at the tracklist.


Tracklist of the ‘MMWTV’ (Mr. Money With The Vibe) Album

Terminator (already released)


Peace Be Unto You (already released)


Sungba Remix feat. Burna Boy (already released)









Now, this body of work is giving everything “vibes and party cruise” ’cause I mean, take a look at the titles. Then, go back and listen to the already released three songs off the tracklist.


There you have it, the full track list of Asake’s ‘MMWTV’ (Mr. Money With The Vibe) album. Whether or not you are Asake’s fan, you should save the release date, September 8th, 2022. Absolutely, yeah!

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